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Healed By the Hand of God

Sara Blair Matthews 

Over 50 percent of prisoners currently suffer from substance abuse addiction, according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Another 20 percent either have histories of substance abuse, were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time they committed their crimes, or committed their offenses to get money to buy drugs. Drug use is a predominant problem among the incarcerated population and one that does not immediately go away upon their entry into prison. Once in prison, only 11 percent of inmates with substance abuse and addiction disorders receive treatment. And when they do start receiving treatment it is a long, difficult road to becoming sober and drug-free. 

Long Time Struggle

Although it was not an easy journey to recovery for former Texas prisoner King David Haynes, he embraced his prison sentence and viewed it as an opportunity to strengthen his relationship with Christ as he leaned on Him to overcome his addiction. Haynes wrote a book entitled A Lame Man Healed " How the Son of a Football Star Overcame Addiction Through Faith"  that details his struggles with drug abuse, as well as his conversion to Christianity. In an effort to guide current prisoners away from a life of drugs, he has distributed his book to many Texas prisons. A gifted Speaker, King David has spread his message of freedom, hope and deliverance by speaking at prisons jails and homeless shelters. He has seen firsthand how difficult it is for many of these men and women to overcome addiction while incarcerated. He hopes to change these statistics with his book, his Podcast, and Non Profit Prodical Sons Re-entry Ministry, which provides addiction recovery resources and assistance  to former inmates and their families.

By taking into account personal responsibility, attempting to Let the Light of Christ shine everywhere he goes, and living as a spiritual man, Haynes has turned his life around and steered clear of drugs’ grip. In his book he writes, “[In prison] I was put squarely in the path of my Savoir, my Lord. I learned from Him much more than if I was a free man.”