Born to Serve


Prodical Sons Ministry was established by King David Haynes in January 

2011. A Texas 501 C3 Non Profit Corporation born from the desire of Mr. Haynes to give back after his successful recovery from a debilitating addiction to crack cocaine which griped him for many years. 

It was and remains Mr. Haynes’ heartfelt desire to share the formula that God gave 

him to overcome addictions with others who suffer from a similar malady. Mr. 

Haynes started by simply helping individuals with personal supplies, basic necessities and strong moral encouragement directly on the streets of Dallas Texas. He quickly saw the need for shelter, a safe and supportive base to operate from as a great need for those attempting to recover and re-enter family/society as productive tax paying citizens. 

Mr. Haynes Leased the Ministries first group home for this purpose on Colonial Ave. 

in South Dallas to lead those inclined in early 2012. Through his direct contact with the addicted and incarcerated over the years Mr. Haynes continually witnessed the 

suffering of their innocent children. Through no fault of their own many are denied 

the basic needs and opportunities of life simply because of the negativity of the 

parents shortcomings. These many interactions led him to begin to move the focus of the Ministries work to assist these innocents in a variety of ways. 

Because of who his father is and the experiences he had growing up, the traveling, 

exposure and the positivity he experienced from his father’s celebrity that he carried his whole life Mr. Haynes knows the value of affecting the children at an early age. 

The Ministry seeks to engage these children in a proactive way which can break the 

negative cycles their parents carried on which they have been born into. 



Prodical Sons has launched The Abner Haynes Scholarship Fund to further serve this vulnerable population. 

Mr. Haynes continues to volunteer his time to the incarcerated and addicted, having 

spoken at numerous jails prisons and homeless shelters with his Christian message of Love, Hope and Encouragement. 

Mr. Haynes continues to serve the incarcerated/addicted adults as well as their 

families and loved ones by launching and hosting the uplifting Podcast “Slaying Your Giants”. 

The first episode has been recorded featuring guest speaker Pastor Fredrick Stewart, also known as Freddie Stone. Pastor Stewart was co-founder along with his brother of the legendary band Sly & Family Stone. Through showcasing guest who have overcome serious addictions through faith in God we know there are those around the world who will be encouraged, uplifted and blessed to find their own successful  path to recovery and right standing with our mighty God.


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