King David's Biography


King David is a United States Army veteran who served at military bases in  Germany, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Since receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Army, he has held management positions in the restaurant, sports, and transportation industries. He has lived in eight cities that span five states; Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas. However, he prefers the simpler life.

At first glance, one may think King David has always lived a carefree country life. Instead of waking up to a demoralizing and dangerous world of addiction, King David wakes up in his home, surrounded by towering East Texas pine trees and sits in his favorite chair to drink a cup of hazelnut coffee. He listens to and watches the blue jays and cardinals, observes the rabbits and squirrels frolic in his backyard while thanking God for another morning.

When he is not working long hours in the Oil & Gas industry, King David spends time grilling choice meats for friends on a pit built with his brother, checking on the catfish in his lake, or relaxing beneath the tall trees with his two dogs, Buster and Tyson.

Mr. Haynes has extensive experience in the restaurant business. His maternal grandfather, Dewey Fitzpatrick Jr. was a Bar-B-Que titan and pioneer who owned one of the first restaurants in Texas that allowed Blacks and Whites to dine together. Mr. Fitzpatrick's restaurant and catering business was recognized by National Geographic Magazine in the April 1980 and was known for having what many considered the finest Bar-B-Que in the United States.

 Mr. Fitz as he was affectionately known by many was a stickler about quality and passed this on to King David who began learning the restaurant business from his Grandfather at a young age. He went on to manage restaurants for organizations such 

as Red Lobster, Black Eyed Pea, Jack in the Box and JoJo’s.

King David also from a young age assisted his father Abner Haynes Sr. who after his successful professional football career was one of the 

industry's first Black sports agents. The elder Mr. Haynes at one time represented over 80 NFL football players including the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers " Steel Curtain". King David initially was his father's favorite driver. King David learned to recruit as he 

became older becoming the firm's National Recruiter. He has successfully recruited NFL and NBA ready athletes from Universities across the country including Alabama, UCLA, Notre Dame, LSU, Florida State, Syracuse and many others.

He personally recruited and signed players such as UTEP’s Tony Tolbert , Ken Tippins, Alabama's Greg Gilbert and many others.

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