Abner Haynes Sr.


In 1956 the course of education, sports and history were changed.

Abner Haynes Sr. already  a Texas Track & Field State Champion as a sophmore in high school, also a Texas football high school legend, would break the color barrier by being accepted into The University of North Texas. The already integrated University of Colorado enthusiastically awaited Abner to accept their scholarship offer But it was Abner's father, The late Bishop F.L. Haynes of The Church of God in Christ who was already leading families all over Dallas and North Texas who realized that Abner could do something that would help everyone.

Yes it would certainly have been easier for Abner to attend College where he was wanted and accepted but what about all the other Black and Brown students left behind in the segregated South. The Haynes family came to an agreement, they would not take the easy way out but rather would do something that would benefit all for decades to come. Despite not being able to eat or sleep anywhere on the campus Abner persevered. His infectious personality, unwavering commitment, toughness and raw ability eventually won over teammates, coaches, fans and administration.

Because of Abner's successful scholastic and sports life the floodgates of opportunity, education, fairness and achievement were opened to scholars, scientist, musicians and athletes of all races.

Just as in 1956 Prodical Sons Ministry serves those who are in need of assistance. Our initiative in creating The Abner Haynes Scholarship fund will assist those university ready children of the addicted or incarcerated. Through no fault of their own the innocent children are often left behind for financial reasons. Despite having stellar academic records the addiction, incarceration and general shortsightedness of their parents has doomed many from pursuing higher education and breaking the cycle of poverty they have been born into.

The Abner Haynes Scholarship Fund will assist those deserving students of all races regardless of areas of study, excluding no one who has already shown desire and commitment based on academic performance.

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