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A Lame Man Healed:  How the Son of a Football Star  Overcame Addiction  Through Faith is the memoir of how author and speaker King David Haynes is healed and delivered after suffering through a 25 year addiction to crack cocaine. King David was born in Dallas, Texas, one day after his father, sports icon Abner Haynes, Sr., helped the Dallas Texans (Kansas City Chiefs) defeat the Houston Oilers in an American Football League (AFL) championship game.

From that great beginning ensued the chaos of addiction. The book is written to inspire a practical faith based approach to recovery from any addiction. We believe that faith in our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ can heal, restore, deliver and redeem.

  A Lame Man Healed is a real world tested roadmap to victory, healing, restored dignity and right standing with God. King David's honesty in revealing the calamity in his life which was fueled by addiction lets his readers know that there is always hope even in the most desperate cases. He gives an inspiring and riveting account of the madness of addiction but more importantly details a proven path out of the darkness and into the marvelous light.

The book depicts how addiction compels addicts to make a series of choices and decisions that lead to jails institutions and death. Destruction, missed or disrupted personal and career opportunities, shattered families and relationships are its fruit and while its harvest have been plentiful there are those who resist the darkness. There are those who are ready for a change. King David's guidance in his book which he initially received from God in a Texas prison has been proven to affect change in all types of addictions.

The book contains illustrations by Abner Haynes, Jr. , created while he was imprisoned, who used the methods described in the book to recover from his own addiction. 

King David presents a microscopic view of a rollercoaster lifestyle as the story flows with insights about how addicts perceive, reason, and respond. In his conversational style, A Lame Man Healed engages an addict’s family, friends and other loved ones with empathy that encourages and instills hope for deliverance, healing and freedom for those loved ones whom they have watched self destruct. The book lets the family and friends know that despite the length or severity of the addiction there is still yet hope.


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